Bergan cole

Bergan has a passion for living an active and healthy lifestyle. After graduating from North Carolina Wesleyan College with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Bergan spent the early years of her professional career as an educator in the health and weight management fields. This professional experience, along with a skin cancer scare, ignited an intense personal interest in skincare. Bergan followed this newfound passion to the AVEDA Institute in Chapel Hill, NC where she obtained her Esthetics license and underwent advanced training through PCA SKIN. After establishing herself as an esthetician and skincare educator in Western Maryland, Bergan relocated to the Pittsburgh area in 2017 to continue her esthetics practice in a clinical setting.

Bergan’s skincare philosophy is simple: healthy skin is beautiful skin. At the same time, Bergan realizes that healthy skin is a goal that can’t be achieved using a one-size-fits-all approach. Accordingly, Bergan utilizes her in-depth knowledge of the skin to assess individual skincare requirements and customize clinical treatments to address each client’s specific needs.  As her longtime clients frequently attest to, Bergan combines an affable nature with a meticulous attention to detail to provide an unparalleled experience with dramatic results. In addition to offering clinical skincare solutions, Bergan prides herself in being an eyebrow, Brazilian, and body waxing expert.  

In her spare time, Bergan enjoys exploring Pittsburgh, exercising, and spending time with her fiancé, Tyler, and their three dogs.