Q & A with the woman behind Swoon Aesthetic Spa

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Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a skincare specialist? Well this is your chance! Carrie and Kate answer some questions and give you a peak inside the world of a beauty pro.


Carrie Cohen

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Q: So Carrie, what made you want to pursue a career in skincare?

Carrie: I have always had a passion for skincare and makeup! Maybe it’s in my DNA, my grandmother was an Avon lady and playing with her makeup and skin creams are some of my earliest memories. My whole life I have struggled with extremely dry skin, so from the time I was very young I have tried anything I could get my hands on to help moisturize. I loved makeup but was very aware that it didn’t matter how great the makeup was if I didn’t have a good canvas beneath it. Then as my daughter became a teenager she struggled with acne, we made many trips to the dermatologist. They would prescribe medicines to clear up the breakouts, but she was left with extremely dry, irritated, flakey skin. She was just as self-conscious as with the acne. From there it was really a natural progression. I wanted to learn anything and everything I could get my hands on, and I wanted to share it with others that were struggling with their skin too.

Q: What made you want to go out on your own and start a business?


Carrie: I was frustrated that you could go to a spa and get a relaxing facial but it wasn’t truly effective or targeted skincare. Or you could go to a medi-spa or dermatologist and get clinical level treatments, but it wasn’t relaxing and it cost a fortune. So I thought I’ll just have to start my own aesthetic spa that combines the best of both worlds!

Q: What are your favorite services to perform?


Carrie: That’s a hard one. I love them all! I would say my favorite to actually do would be eyelash extensions. It requires a lot of concentration, and focus. Its almost therapeutic for me to sit there completely focused, shutting everything else out and creating perfect, seamless extensions. I’m naturally very much of a perfectionist, and that’s necessary to be good at eyelash extensions. A bad application can be disastrous, not only will they look bad, but they can damage the natural eyelashes. I take a lot of pride knowing that not only do my extensions look amazing; I will never damage the natural lashes. And when I see the smile on my clients face when they look in the mirror, it’s the best!

Q: If someone has never had a facial before, where do you recommend that they begin?

Carrie: I think that the best place to start is with our signature facial. Once you're here we can discuss your skin, and your goals and tailor a plan that is perfect for you. Of course if a client is unclear on what treatments might be right for them, we would love to hear from them through the website or to have a chance to speak with them before they book their first appointment.

Q: Is there a makeup or skincare product that was a life changer for you? Or one that you just can’t be without?

Carrie: Facial oils! Hands down, no question, it is facial oils. There are a few I like. Depending on my mood, how my skin’s feeling, the time of year... but I love facial oils. They are so moisturizing but also have so many vitamins and minerals to really nourish your skin. The essential oils smell divine and have so many other benefits. I use a drop or 2 mixed in with my foundation, or I use it as face primer. I put some on before bed at night; I even put a few drops in my hair. Really I think it’s the one thing everyone should have, including men. A good facial oil after shaving will not only feel great but also help eliminate bumps and ingrown hairs.


Q: What is your number one skincare or makeup pro tip?

Carrie: Oh boy, can I have 5 #1 tips?? Well, first and foremost, wear sunscreen! Everyday. On your face, neck, chest, hands... Everywhere. Aside from that, I would say my biggest tip is that you need a good home regimen. We can do a lot here, but we aren’t miracle workers, you will see improvement after your first service but it may take several treatments to truly achieve full results. Treatments need to be done routinely and you need to keep up with a good skincare routine at home in between treatments to maintain the results.

Carrie:  Oh wait, one more…. DO NOT forget to clean your makeup brushes often!!! So important, and not just for a good makeup application, but for the health of your skin!

Q: What is your favorite treatment when you’re the client at a spa?

Carrie: I love microdermabrasion followed by a soothing, hydrating mask. I have such dry skin, so getting that deep exfoliation to remove all the old dead skin really lets the moisture soak in. My skin is left glowing and feels so soft after!

Q: Alright. Last question. What has you the most excited for Swoon Aesthetic Spa?

Carrie: Being part of such a great team. We each have our own areas of expertise and individual strengths and that allows us to really collaborate and learn from each other. This is such an exciting industry because it’s always evolving, there are always new scientific advances in skincare and new techniques and trends in beauty. I love working with someone that is as passionate as I am about constantly learning and honing our craft. I read once that when skill and passion combine it becomes art, and that is exactly how I see all of us at Swoon, as skincare and beauty artists.